Chancellor's Graduate Medal
The chancellor of the university is a volunteer, elected by the senate from the community. The chancellor represents the public interest in the university, presides at convocation, and confers the degrees of the university. As its ceremonial head, the chancellor is often called upon to represent the university at major events. The Chancellor’s Graduate Medal was established to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the chancellors of the University of Calgary. These awards celebrate academic excellence at the University of Calgary.
Donor Faculty of Graduate Studies, in honour of the chancellor of the University of Calgary
Field of Study Unrestricted
Value Silver medal and certificate
Number One at the master’s level and one at the doctoral level
Duration N/A
Eligibility All candidates who have been nominated for the Governor General’s Gold Medal award will be eligible. Candidates cannot receive both a Chancellor’s Medal and a Governor General’s Gold Medal. Awarded annually at fall convocation to graduate students based on their academic standing.
Citizenship Unrestricted
Where Tenable University of Calgary, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Category Medals and Prizes
Apply All nominees for the Governor General’s Gold Medal will be considered. The subcommittee will review the information provided for the Governor General’s Gold Medal, which should include:

1. Graduate medal nomination form (available via the FGS Sharepoint)
2. Letter of support from graduate coordinator
3. Letter of support from supervisor
4. Thesis or other creative work
5. Abstract of the student’s research (where applicable)
6. Official reports of the thesis examiners (where applicable)
7. List of publications or recognition (stemming from the thesis)

Do not include curriculum vitae

The Medals & Prizes Subcommittee will review all nominations and make its recommendations to the Graduate Scholarship Committee for approval. Recommendations are subject to final approval of the Graduate Scholarship Committee.
Deadline July 5
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