Fulbright Canada
Fulbright Canada offers a wide range of awards for academic exchange. Academic exchanges expose students to new ideas and new perspectives, encourage networking, and highlight a different culture. Traditional Fulbright student awards are all-discipline awards that can be taken up at any college, university, think tank, or government agency in the U.S. The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program is for Canadian Francophone students and teachers who want to teach and study in the U.S. This is an external award. Refer to the donor’s website for the most current information. Subject to change without notice.
Donor Fulbright Canada
Field of Study Unrestricted
Value $400 to $15,000
Number Unspecified
Duration Ten to twelve months
Eligibility See https://www.fulbright.ca/
Citizenship Canadian Citizen
Where Tenable Post-secondary institutions
Category External
Apply See https://www.fulbright.ca/
Deadline See https://www.fulbright.ca/
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