Ron Ghitter Award in Human Rights
The Ron Ghitter Award aims to assist a recipient who has exhibited a commitment to human rights by responsible and thoughtful advocacy in support of a human rights cause(s) on behalf of a group(s) in Canada who experience discrimination, prejudice, and/or intolerance.
Donor Endowed by the Honourable Ron Ghitter and Myrna Ghitter
Field of Study Advocacy and exploration of human rights in Canada
Value $3,300
Number One
Duration One year
Eligibility Open to students who have demonstrated a commitment to the advocacy and exploration of human rights in Canada through academic studies and related activities and who are:

• entering the final year of any undergraduate program or
• enrolled in the LLB program in the Faculty of Law or the MD program in the Cumming School of Medicine or
• entering or enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program
• registered full time at time of tenure

Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated a particular interest in advocacy of human rights.

Applicants must complete a statement of eligibility (approximately 400 words) describing studies and activities that have contributed to the understanding or resolution of human rights issues in Canada. Examples of these activities include, but are not limited to:

• making the public aware of human rights abuses
• helping to resolve human rights problems
• furthering equality of disadvantaged minorities

Undergraduate applicants require a letter of support from the head of their department.
Citizenship Unrestricted
Where Tenable University of Calgary
Category Special Awards
Apply Students should consult the Graduate Award Competition Guidelines at and complete the Graduate Award Scholarship application through the Student Centre.
Undergraduate students should contact the Graduate Scholarship Office for application information at
Deadline February 1 to the candidate's graduate program office, unless the program has an earlier deadline
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