University Software Distribution

Please read this document as it has important information regarding eligibility of software licensed to the University of Calgary.

Faculty, Staff & Students are eligible to request software based on your user classification. Each software product will have different accessibility based on the terms of the Vendor’s license agreement.

Steps for Requesting and downloading software

  1. You must authenticate to the site with your IT Username (i.e. dcherry, NOT, or NOT your eID which may be different from your IT Username).

  2. When you Select the software:

    • If you see a link to Request License, you are eligible to get a license to use the software.

    • If you see a link to Send Request*, user classification defines you as being not eligible for requesting the software. You can send a message to to inquire about getting the software.

  3. Software is either Automatically Approved or Pending Approval.

    • If the software is automatically Approved you will be presented with a Download link. You can download software right away or sign back in later to download.

    • If the software is Pending approval, you will receive an Email saying the request is submitted and another Email when it is approved instructing you to sign in to download the software.

  4. Downloading the software. The software can be distributed in a number of different downloadable formats. It is important to download and Read the Read_Me file as it will contain instruction on the files required and the installation instructions. Some software packages consist of a number of large files. Please ensure that you have some time set aside for this process as some software installations do take longer than others.